Climendo shows five popular forecasts side by side for easy comparison, and creates an average forecast based on those compared. The probability rate, represented by dots, for each time period is based on the level of agreement between the forecasts. It ranges from:

Weather Providers

Climendo strives to only work with the best and most accurate weather forecasters. The forecasters shown may vary depending on what country you select. For more detailed weather information, make sure you visit their own websites and/or apps. We are continuously adding more local and international weather providers to Climendo.

Weather Underground provides real-time online weather information to millions of users around the world. As part of the Weather Channel Company, they are committed to delivering the most reliable and accurate information possible.

Founded in Finland, Foreca is a leading provider of digital weather data for business use worldwide. Their forecasts are used by several popular apps and by MSN in close to 200 countries.

NOAA is an agency within the United States Department of Commerce. NWS is a component of NOAA. From their 122 weather forecast offices, they specialize in providing weather, water, and climate data, as well as forecasts and warnings.

Weather Trends International provides weekly weather trends for over a hundred Fortune 1,000 companies like Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, and Johnson & Johnson to mention a few. Their forecast model combined with sales analytics projects the influence of weather on sales. Their forecasts are used by popular apps like Haze and wt360. and Dark Sky is a new and innovative weather service that offers high tech features. Their popular app Dark Sky will predict precipitation down to the minute.

SMHI is a Swedish government agency under the Ministry of the Environment. They provide services and products to the government and to commercial businesses. It is the most well-known forecaster in Sweden.

Norwegian Yr is a highly popular weather service that comes from a cooperation between Meteorologisk institutt and NRK. It is one of the fastest growing weather sites in Europe.

World Weather Online provides global weather forecasts and weather content for websites, businesses, and the travel industry. They developed their own forecast model, which can deliver reliable and accurate weather information for any geo-point in the world.

The United Kingdom’s national weather service has gathered experience since 1854 when it was founded. Their forecasts are used by BBC among many others. (Coming soon)

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